Is your child looking for a new challenge with great possibilities to progress quickly? Contemporary will be just the right fit for your child wanting to express themself by dance.

What is Contemporary?

Contemporary dance is a dance performance genre that developed during the mid-twentieth century and has since grown to become one of the dominant genres for formally trained dancers throughout the world. If you were to ask a dance teacher today to describe contemporary, you could well be faced with words such as modern, jazz-like, loose, expressive; not formal or rigid.

This class has over the past few years developed into a very popular class. It is freedom of expression, includes great technique gained from ballet and emotion whilst dancing. Contemporary dance is an ‘anything goes’ genre.

Rather than a specific dance technique, contemporary dance is a collection of systems and methods developed mainly from modern and postmodern dance.

Who can do Contemporary?

Anyone! It’s an open ‘free’ class for exploring contemporary technique and appreciation of music.

What age group is this class for?

Our contemporary classes are recommended for those over the age of 10 unless other genres of dance are also studied. While the younger the better when it comes to learning to dance, a young person can begin a dance style such as contemporary in their early teens and progress quickly. For the more senior student who is a ‘competition student’ contemporary is a dance to include in their repertoire.

Why choose Contemporary?

  • It’s a ‘once-a-week’ class, no examination work class.
  • It is freedom of expression
  • It includes great technique and emotion whilst dancing, gained from ballet
  • Contemporary dance is an ‘anything goes’ genre.

Which syllabus do we teach at WADPA?

We do not study a syllabus but do have years of experience in contemporary dance and choreography.