Are you looking for a fun energetic dance class, where your child can ‘just dance’? Read on to find out more about our classes.

What is Jazz dance?

Jazz dance incorporates unique moves, elaborate footwork, large leaps, rapid turns, and imaginative improvisation to bring an energetic and entertaining experience. It evolved from early African American vernacular dances during the early 1900s.

This class teaches students basic jazz techniques such as turns, leaps and jumps whilst combining musicality, stamina and control within the grade progressions. Exams are offered in this subject progressing from junior/beginner level through to teaching qualifications and diplomas.

Jazz dance is viewed in the spotlight with movies, on stage performances, and in urban areas of the streets and clubs. The transformation of jazz into dance theatre and the important role of professional techniques and choreography, created “modern jazz dance”.

Who can do Jazz dance?

This is probably one of the most popular classes at WADPA, as it incorporates most aspects of other genres, whilst dancing to modern up-to-date music. This is a fun energetic class. Discover our other dance classes and genres here.

It is the one to do if you just ‘want to dance’! You will require the foundation of classical ballet to embody balance and agility.

What age group is this class for?

We have beginner jazz classes from the age of 4 and students can progress through their exams up to diploma level if they so wish. Beginners classes are usually 30 minutes in duration and increase to 45 – 60 minutes depending on the pupil and class.

Why choose Jazz/modern dance?

  • Jazz is a good alternative to ballet or modern dance
  • You perform to popular music
  • It is fun and fast paced

Which syllabus do we teach at WADPA?

WADPA teaches grades from preparatory to advanced 2 and diploma level in BTDA and NZAMD Syllabus. Some lower grade work uses the NZAMD Syllabus dependent on the class ability.

BTDA is an international awarding body for Jazz dance.