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Here at WADPA, we offer classes in various genres of dance, all of which compliment one another to produce an all-round performer. We teach in a safe and family-like environment, making everyone feel welcome and encourage each single student to perform to their potential. Please click on the links to read about each genre in more detail and find out which dance classes are the best fit for yourself or your child.

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We teach classical ballet (BTDA, NZAMD and RAD Syllabus). Our students can choose from grades going from preparatory to advanced 2 and diploma level. Some Junior classes use the Rosette pre-grades available through the NZAMD Syllabus. RAD advanced 2 classes are available on request. To find out more about our ballet classes and if it is the right fit for your child click here.

Tap dance

Tap dance classes at WADPA teach BTDA and NZAMD Syllabus. Grades go from preparatory to advanced 2 and diploma level. NZAMD Syllabus is combined within these grades also to suit the student’s ability. Find out more about tap dance classes here.

Jazz dance

Jazz, also called modern dance is taught in BTDA and NZAMD Syllabus. We offer classes for grades from preparatory to advanced 2 and diploma level. Some lower grade work uses the NZAMD Syllabus, which is dependent on the class ability. Discover more about modern dance here.


This is an open class with national and international instructors working on conditioning aspects and gymnastic tricks that compliment dance. At WADPA we have junior and senior classes available. We teach BTDA Syllabus in acrobatics which covers grades from preparatory to grade 8 level. Learn more about acrobatics here.

Contemporary dance

Contemporary dance classes at WADPA are open dance classes working on contemporary technique, freedom of expression and choreography. Our junior class is for up to grade 5 level. Senior classes are for intermediate level or above. Learn more about our contemporary dance classes here.

Performance group

Performance group is based on student’s ability, reliability and attitude. Please be advised that this is an invitation only class and the group is selected by audition at the end of the year. Discover more about performance group classes here.


In Drama we work on the children’s creative imagination. They learn to understand main ideas and details in different kinds of age appropriate dramatic scripts and then perform these at our concerts. It is delivered in a relaxed environment and is a real mix of age and ability. Find out more about drama classes here.

Lyrical dance

We teach BTDA Syllabus for lyrical dance. We offer dance classes for grades 1 up to 8. This class is suitable for ballet and jazz dancers from grade 3+. Find out more about lyrical dance here.

Melody Bear

Melody Movement© is a pre-school ballet syllabus that we start teaching from ages 2 upwards. Find out more about this fun way to dance for our youngest here.