Are you looking for a fun way to be part of a team of passionate performers?

In musical theatre we work on the children’s creative imagination. They will learn to understand main ideas and details in different kinds of age appropriate musical pieces and then perform these at our concerts.
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What is Musical theatre?

Creative expression, confidence building and fun!

Who can join musical theatre class?

This is a class for children of all ages and abilities. We are proud of our family-like environment where we make everyone feel welcome and part of the family. This is a safe and encouraging place to make friends and share the passion for performing.

What age group is this class for?

Any age and ability is welcome. If your child has never taken a class before, we will guide through this class to experience the joy of performing and encourage everyone to embrace their creative imagination.

Why choose WADPA?

Performing regularly all year, WADPA are a familiar face within the local community. We encourage our students to follow their passion and be part of our family. The drama class will also appear in the end of year concert at the Capitaine Bougainville Theatre in Whangarei.

Please check out the timetable for times or contact us for more information