Has your child got what it takes to take the next step? A challenging and expressive dance class, which runs on an ‘by audition only’ entry basis. Read on, to find out more.

What are Performance group Classes?

It’s a performance based, fun weekly class which uses elements of modern Jazz Dance, Acrobatics, Tap Dance and Ballet. Performance group students study dances from stage shows or just up-to-date dance music in large groups.

We currently have five performance group classes which are dependent on ability: Mini, Junior, Intermediate, Senior and classical performance group class.

At present classes are full but if you are interested in this class then please contact us. We expect high levels of dedication and commitment to this class.

Please note: Entry into performance group classes are by invitation only

Who can do Performance group?

To take part in this class, students must be studying Jazz Dance (or ballet for classical PG). Entry to this class at WADPA is by invitation and audition only. All our classes are currently full, please contact us if you are interested to have your child join.

What age group is this class for?

Mini is aged 6-8, Junior is aged 9-12, intermediate is 13-15 and senior is 16+. This is a performance class for those who take two or more of the core dance subjects such as Ballet, Tap, Jazz or Acro.

Why choose Performance group classes?

Not only is it fun, but children get to compete in competitions both locally and regionally with learnt dances. They will learn teamwork skills and strengthen their acquired dancing skills.