• Tap Dance Classes WADPA


Does your child want to try a new style of dance or simply learn a rhythmical and fun dance style? Read on to discover if tap dance is the right fit.

What is Tap Dance?

Tap is a form of dance characterised by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. It’s a strong rhythmical dance form that draws on music from many traditions. Tap dance puts an emphasis on the mastery of using the feet as a percussive instrument.

Films and stage shows such as ’42nd Street’ and ‘Singing in the Rain’ bring the old style tap to a new generation. New shows such as ‘Tap Dogs’ and ‘Stomp’ have updated this style making it a very popular class to take! Find out about our other classes like Acrobatics and Lyrical.

Who can do Tap?

Anyone! Tap dance is a fun, rhythmical style of dance suitable for anyone. Rhythm and timing is key, it can be adapted for any age or fitness level. There’s tap dance classes a WADPA for everyone; young children, senior students and absolutely everyone in between.

What age group is this class for?

At WADPA, we have beginner classes from the age of 4 and students can progress through their exams up to diploma level if they so wish.

Good understanding of beats, time signatures and rhythm are only a few things the students will be competent in when progressing through the grades.

Why choose Tap?

  • Tap dance improves balance
  • It goes anywhere and everywhere
  • Tap is fun fitness
  • It is noisy

Which syllabus do we teach at WADPA?

We teach grades from preparatory to advanced 2 & diploma level in BTDA & NZAMD Syllabus. NZAMD Syllabus is combined within these grades also to suit the student’s ability.

BTDA is an international awarding body for Tap. We also study the NZAMD Syllabus in American Tap.