Further Information


    • Fees must be paid by the end of the first week of term unless other arrangements have been made. A $30 late payment fee will be incurred if they are not paid within this time.
    • No refunds once term commences
    • If a client’s debt is passed onto a third party, the client will incur all associated costs
    • Payments by cheque or cash only. Cheques made payable to WADPA
    • If you plan to discontinue dancing with WADPA please contact us via email or telephone to let us know, following term fees will be charged in full if you do not do this
    • Private lessons are to be paid at the time of the class in cash

    Please note: Families with two or more students enrolled in WADPA receive a 10% discount on term fees

    Notice board and information

    • Notice board will have all current information, it is your responsibility to keep up to date with this news
    • We often use Facebook as a means of messaging and communicating with students/parents

    Class rules & studio conduct

    • No talking during class times. Parents please do not let your toddler walk through the middle of a class
    • Children must be supervised when not in class
    • Regulation uniform is to be worn to ALL classes. Musical Theatre is the only exception but still should be dance wear
    • Manners are to be used at ALL times
    • NO touching other students
    • NO silly behaviour, if a student does not obey these rules they will be asked to sit out of the class. If the behaviour continues they will be asked to leave permanently with no refund of term fees
    • We are very proud of the amazing facility we have at WADPA, please respect this and treat the place well

    Health & safety

    • Hair must be tied back from the face at all lessons
    • No jewellery to be worn WHAT SO EVER
    • First aid kit is available through the class teacher
    • Students are under supervision whilst in class only. Teachers are NOT responsible for any child outside of class times
    • Please do not encourage your child to wait outside the studio building, it is a busy area with lots of cars and trucks
    • The studio is not to be used as a babysitting service. Students/siblings are not to be left unsupervised at the studio whilst parents pop out

    Class attendance

    • Regular attendance is vital for all students to keep up with exam preparation or show work
    • If your child wants to reach their maximum potential it is very important that practice outside of the studio becomes part of their regular routine


    • Current timetables can be found on our timetable page or next to the notice board
    • Timetables may change slightly from term to term so please be aware of this


    • Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acrobatic & Lyrical classes are taught syllabus work with the intention of progression towards exams. It is at the teacher’s discretion as to whether the student is ready to take this exam and the teacher’s decision is final
    • Exam preparation classes are at an additional cost to term fees

    Photography & videoing

    • Staff will occasionally take videos or photos to be used for promotional purposes or teaching aid. Permission is requested on enrolment form
    • We have a studio videoing policy, this is located next to the notice board downstairs and on the wall in the upstairs viewing room

    Show & costumes

    • It is not compulsory for all students to take part in the show but we strongly encourage this
    • Each student taking part in the show is required to be at all rehearsals
    • Most costumes are hired out, hire fee notices are handed out in term 4
    • Costumes will not be handed out until fees and costume hire fees are paid
    • ALL costumes are to be returned at the final performance after the show (unless they are your own costume)


    • Choreography for performances and competitions remain the property of WADPA, their teachers or the syllabus providers
    • Choreography must not be used or copied without prior permission

    If you have any queries or concerns please feel free to contact Holly at a time that doesn’t disrupt a class. Appointments can be made for any parents wishing to discuss the progress of their child.